Victory Dance

Thank you so much WordPress family for the love shown to me! I started blogging in April and here I am with 6 posts with over 500 likes and over 200 followers. Hope my posts are helping out people out there and they are enjoying reading them. Thanks to all bloggers for helping me prosper! 


It isn’t love

It isn’t love if they don’t feel for you,

It isn’t love if they don’t understand your cue.

It isn’t love if you feel sad when you’re with them,

It isn’t love if they don’t feel the same.

It isn’t love if you are crying and hurting,

It isn’t love if you know they are too asserting.

It isn’t love if you still feel empty inside,

It isn’t love if they don’t stand by your side.

It isn’t love if you fight and then don’t apologise,

It isn’t love if they don’t pay heed to your cries.

It isn’t love if they are the reason you can’t sleep all night,

It isn’t love if all they want to do is fight.

It isn’t love if their first priority isn’t you and your health,

It isn’t love if you know they may be just after your wealth.

You should know when someone loves you or not,

Or it is a vicious cycle in which you are caught!

Kriti Bandyopadhyay

Self harm 

So, I haven’t uploaded in a quite a long time. One of my fellow bloggers requested me to post something. Here’s a short poem about self harm awareness. 

That day something went wrong and she felt sad, She felt that she was ugly, rejected and bad.

She looked at the blade lying beside,

And thought of things worse than suicide. 

Don’t die before dying, she told herself,

And  looked around for someone to help.

Finding none, she again looked at the blade,

And then saw that her scars had started to fade.

“Pain is good, it keeps you alive and  strong”,

But she didn’t realize what she was doing was wrong.

Self harm isn’t an option to cope,

Instead in life you have to find hope.

Kriti Bandyopadhyay

Will you?

Inspiration: 13 Reasons Why


What if I just give up? Don’t fight anymore,

Will you stop me from hurting myself till I turn sore?

It’s a cruel world, I stand here helpless,

Will you help me get out of this mess?

Suicide is painless as compared to my suffering,

Will you cheer me up when I can’t stop crying?

Anxiety and depression won’t leave me alone,

Will you help me fight back, without a groan?

Friends are departing, turning into foes,

Will you still help me get rid of my woes?

If you will, I will never think of suicide,

I will fight till this nightmare will subside.
Kriti Bandyopadhyay

Mother Earth🌍

Oh, Mother Earth, today we commemorate your day,
But have we ever paid heed to what you say?
Living in a concrete jungle, cutting your trees,
I am sorry for we couldn’t hear out your pleas!
Today your children are brutally killed,
But all you wanted us was to be a guild.
Oceans are being filled up dirt,
And we kill for nothing but mirth.
Polar caps are melting, time is running out,
But we continue burning and being uncouth.
And all we do is blame global warming,
While the rate of wreckage is just alarming!
But, Oh mother, now we have started to worry,
It is the time to make amends and say sorry!

– Your child, Kriti Bandyopadhyay

This Earth Day let us all join our hands together and help saving this beautiful planet. Some little efforts can be taken by each one of us like:-
1. Switch off the lights​ whenever they are not required
2. Maybe use AC only in summer and if possible use energy efficient ones
3. Try to use solar energy and encourage your society to start using solar bulbs
4. Use water as judiciously as possible
5. Use public transport more often. Don’t take that auto if you can take the bus

Let’s save the Earth together!😊

Lifeline ♥


Theme – Depression: Let’s talk

You were there when no one was,
You made my life full of cause.

You were there when I was alone,
You helped me let it out and moan.

Whenever I pressurised you,
You made breath for two.

When I was lying there crying all night,
You were the one who rekindled my light.

I always know you will never leave me,
Without you, I will not be.

Thanks for always beating, Heart,
No one can be what thou Art.

You maybe the size of a fist,
But keep thundering when I feel missed.

-Kriti Bandyopadhyay

“Human beings need a lot of things to feel alive – family, love, sex. But we only need one thing to actually be alive. We need a beating Heart”.
– Grey’s Anatomy

Whenever you feel depressed, you should remember that you have atleast one thing to give you company- your very own heart. Let’s not forget that your heart beats continuously every 0.8 seconds and keeps you alive till you die.

So this World Health Day, let’s pledge for a healthy tomorrow by keeping our heart safe. Help your heart keep you alive because that’s the least you can do.



Dedicated to all those Unrequited Lovers-
Be brave, you can move on. Try to find the silver lining. The cloud will go away.

Reminiscing the past,
I wondered how the time moved so fast,
Pondering over those days,
I seemed to be in a daze,
All I could remember was your rash behaviour,
Which no matter how hard I tried would not waver,
And would only but induce fear.

Mr. Poet had turned into Mr. Cold,
Time and again, as the days turned old,
Mercilessly tearing my life apart,
You departed, reluctant to be its part.

Love was everything I ever gave,
But you turned out to be a knave,
Now I see there’s no one to save,
And I am the one who has to be brave.

My love was like the universe,
But yours stayed as long as a pulse,
Mine kept on augmenting,
While yours only kept fading.

Now I am the one who’s hypothermic,
Miles away from being philic,
Friendship was all that I ever asked for,
Unfortunately, it turned out to be a war.

And they say, “Never fall for a poet,
Because all they do is remain quiet”.
But I consider it to be a boon,
‘Cause it made me a poet soon.

Thanks for triggering my poetic streak,
It stopped me from becoming a freak.

Reminiscing the past,
I wondered how the time moved so fast,
Contemplating the loss of a friend, Something that I could never mend,
I wished those happy moments had lasted forever,
And that you didn’t have to turn cold ever!

– Kriti Bandyopadhyay